Bug in adding a DataFile to Tablespace

I have tried this on version and and both had similar results:

From the Schema Browser, showing Tablespaces, with Datafiles tab selected on

I press the button for new datafile. Select “Add Oracle Managed File” which
grays out the Datafile name. I change the Datafile size to “5” and “GB”. I make
sure that the “Auto Extend” isn’t checked.

I press Execute. Oracle creates a 100 MB datafile with AutoExtend on (which it
will allow me to modify to 5G NoAutoExtend, later, but it is not the result I

If I press “Show SQL” instead, it says:\


It appears that the statement isn’t being built correctly.

David A. Hicken
UtahToad at gmail dot com
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Thanks David. I see that too, and I’ll fix it.

As a workaround, if you open the Alter Tablespace dialog by double-clicking the
tablespace on the SB LHS, rather than the Add Datafile directly from SB, it will
work as expected.