bug? in DB Navigator if there are external Tables defined in the Schema

Hello friends,

Sorry if this has been reported already - However it's really annoying to me.
Seem there is a bug in DB Navigator in case there are external Tables defined in the Schema. This is not an issue in the tree view of Code Editor.
Please see screenshot.


Hi Andre,

What you mentioned is a known bug in 11gR2 database.

We have fixed this issue already in 6.6, and 6.6 beta will be released soon.

Thanks for your reporting.

Thanks and regards,

Hm …
sounds a littel bit strange to me.
The DB is the same for both components.
Do you use different querys to populate the two GUI-components?

Whatever - looking foreward to the new Beta and will test it again.


The DB is the same component and querys are the same as well.
Just some bugs there for some reason…
it has been already fixed it in 6.6 beta.
And we will release the 6.6 beta soon.
Thanks again.

Lyla Su