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Calculated fields


I’m a fairly new Toad user. Prior to Toad I had been building queries in Access 2003.

The hardest part for me to transition to is the calculated field portion of Toad. The data warehouse that I use stores dates in YYYYMMDD format. To convert these in access I created this function:

DateValue(Mid(,2) & “/” & Left([date],4)) which translates to MM/DD/YYYY

I’ve searched for some kind of reference to describe all the functions available to Toad with no luck. With Access, I used this website very frequently:

So, my questions are (1) is there any refrence material similar to the link above for Toad? (2) Is there any function that I can use to convert YYYYMMDD to a format that Toad will recognize as a date?

Appreciate any help.


For the first question, looks like that same site has a similar reference guide for Oracle functions:

And after browsing around there I found what I was looking for…

Substr Lpad and Rpad

Thanks! Guess we can close this topic :slight_smile:

to_date(, ‘yyyymmdd’)

Even better