Date conversion


I am trying to pull data for the data range from 12-5-2011 to 01-25-2012. The date format shows as "1,327,512,651. or 1327512651"and exports in the same format and I would prefer the dd-mm-yyyy format. I am also pulling for the past 7 days. The >= TRUNC(sysdate)-7 works great for the latter.

I am fairly new with Toad so I am not sure how to get the correct format to export. I admit it is user-error. Can anyone be so kind to assist me?

Take a look at the Code Snippets for your conneciton type. You should use a formatting function, such as TO_CHAR that will take a date and use a format string.

TO_CHAR(mydate, ‘dd-mm-yyyy’)

You can use a query in import and export.


Thank you!