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Can I replicate a relationship a and reuse it with the same name?

My model verification log reports that I have created multiple relationships with identical names, but that is what I intended. Is there a way to re-use / replicate a named relationship betweenn multiple entiey pairs in a logical model? I’m wanting to model a parent entity (person) who ‘may have’ relationships of identical cardinality with a number of separate entities, e.g with address attributes, health service usage attributes, etc. Using ‘may have’ as the name for each such relationships seems to be a problem.


the reason why relationship names should be unique is that in case you convert your logical model to physical and generate SQL code, the name will be used in DDL code - and databases require the names to be unique.

If you want multiple relationships to have identical names, set the same name to Caption and use unique name in Name.

Example: Edit relationship, set Caption to “May Have” and Name to “May Have 1”. Edit another relationship and set Caption to “May Have” and Name to “May Have 2” etc.

IMHO it is good practice to define unique names/captions. In case you model grew and you needed to search relationship, you would get rational results etc…



Thanks Vaclav, I’m onto it now. Regards Geoff