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unique relationship names

I have set the relationship name to the following:


When I create a relationship, the name ends up being R_

The unique number doesn’t get created.

I’m on TDM

Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong?

Hello Mary,

We've checked it (also in TDM 4.3) and it works fine for us.
We do the following:

  1. Select Settings | Default Values.
  2. In the Default Values dialog | select Relationships and click Names on the right.
  3. Double-click the UniqueNumber application variable on the right.

  1. Modify it as you need: R_<%UniqueNumber%>
  2. Confirm OK.
  3. Restart TDM. - This step is important.
  4. Open TDM and create a relationship in your model. The rel. name should be as defined.

Please let us know if it works for you too.



Vladka + TDM Team

That did not work.

What did work was to go to Show Details and change the PERRelation class.

I noticed that If I put literal values (R_) in the original screen, it propagates to the PERRelation detail screen (OR11R2.

If I click one of the variables, it is saved on the original screen, but it is not saved to the PERRelation detail screen.

Seems the designer code is looking at PERRelation?


I'm not quite sure if I understand well. Nevertheless, I'll try to explain.
I select Relationships and click Show Details | Class context. Here, you can select a level on which you want to apply the default values.

PERRelationOR11R2 - relationships in Oracle 11 R2 models only
PERRelationOR11 - relationships in Oracle 11 models (both R1 and R2)
PERRelationOR - relationships in all Oracle models
PERRelation - relationships in all models, no matter of what database.

In other words, in my previous screenshot the R_<%UniqueNumber%> variable is set for class PERRelationOR11R2 (you can see it when you click Show Details). It means that the variable will be used only in models of Oracle 11 R2. (And therefore you cannot see it in class PERRelationOR or PERRelation.)

If I want to set the variable for all Oracle models - no matter what version - I select the PERRelationOR class.

  • When I do this, see the screenshots below:


I check it e.g. for class PERRelationOR11
Although the Default Value column is "Empty", see the Ancestor Source, Ancestor Value column where the app. var. is defined.

I hope this info helps. If you have any questions, please write me back. Thanks.