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Can TOAD attach database files to SQL Express

I want to use some existing SQL Server (NOT SQL Express) database files in SQL Express. SMSS is not allowing me to attach files, like I can for the full version of SQL Server. Can TOAD attach these files to SQL Express?

Welcome to the Toad/SQL Server community, Andy2!

While Toad does support SQL Server Express, and you would attach a database in Toad much the same way that you would in SSMS (see snap below). So, it would be pretty quick test to see how far Toad can help you along.

You'll want to check with Microsoft and/or the SQL Server Express docs for limitations, though. I can think of a few things that could get in the way of a successful attach, if Microsoft even allows this. A big one is that Express has a limitation regarding database size, so you won't get far if your MDF file represents a database larger than Express allows (wanna say 10Gb?)

There could be a number of other things also, so check the SQL Server docs (compatibility level differences, different MDF binaries, etc.)