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How to import lots of text files into the new DataBase ?

Hi guys, the version of my toad is 5.7 for SQL Server. I want to make a DataBase migration from a server to another, so i export the Database as delimited text files using data export wizard.

But when i start to import the DataBase files, I found there were too much text files need to be fixed. Is there a easy way to import the whole database? Thanks for help!!


Would you like to try Detach database and Attach Databases?


1.Right click the database which you want to move in Object Explorer,

Select Tasks | Detach…

  1. Find the database’s mdf file and log file on server then copy them to the other server.

3.Connect the other server. Right click the ‘Databases’ in Object Explorer.

Select Task | Attach.

  1. Add the .mdf file to attch.