Can Toad use an Instant Client when a full Oracle client is installed?

Subject about says it all. I'm trying to troubleshoot an issue and need to have Toad temporarily use the Instant Client. Other pre-installed (i.e. inferior) client tools on my work laptop can use the Instant Client, but Toad doesn't see it.


p.s., if that matters.

Hi Rich,

I have a mix of instant and full clients. Toad should have no problem with that, except maybe switching from one client to another w/o restarting Toad. That one's hit or miss.

Do you not see the instant client at all? If not, have you rebooted since you added it to your path? I am pretty sure that is necessary for Toad to see the path change.

Reboot! Nertz! Probably has to do with the requisite VC redist I needed to install for the Instant Client.

Let me give that a shot...I probably have a patch or two waiting for me anyway. :wink:

Thanks, John!

That VC redist always gets me.

Yup, that did it. And I got a brand new BIOS update to boot (so to speak).

Thanks again, John!

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