Cannot compile package with more than 2000 lines


I’ve got a package with about 2500 lines of code stored in a file.

SQL-Navigator 6.0 shows the content of my file correctly.

If I want to compile the package (create or replace package body…), the last 200 lines of code are ignored.
My database-package shows only 2300 lines of code and is invalid.

With SQL-Navigator 5.5. everthing works fine:
2500 lines in my file, 2500 line in the compiled database-package, status: valid

This seems to be a bug in Nav 6.0 and makes it unusable for me.

Hi Leonardo,

I don’t think the issue is with the length of the script because we have packages that have more than 10 000 lines and they don’t have any issue. Maybe it contains some syntaxes that are not recognized by the 6.0 parser.

In order to find out the cause, I would need the ddl of the package you were using. However, if it’s not possible you can try downloading the beta release for 6.2 and see if it works in that version.

Hope this helps,


If you’re using a construct like the one below, the parser/compiler might fail (fixed in version 6.1, I think):




thank you very much for your quick responses!

Both of you are right:
The problem is not the length of the package but the END BLOCKNAME - syntax.
So I will upgrade to the latest release.

Can you tell me when SQL-Navigator 6.2 will likely leave beta-status?

Many thanks!

Hi Leonardo,

There is no date set yet…we are working toward getting the 6.2 release out sometimes in June 09.

Thanks and regards,

Hi Leonardo,

Have you tried v6.1? I suspect that your problem was fixed a few months back.