SQL Navigator 8.0 64 bit, odd Error

SQL Navi 8.000 64 bit:
Oracle version 19.3.
When I open a package, all line breaks (CR|LF) are doubled. This happens every single time!
If you make the mistake of saving the Package by mistake you have a real problem...
So this is definitely not the way to work with it.
More info wanted? Then please report/answer.


Same Problem here. A Solution posted here would be nice.

Hi everyone,
The team is working towards a hotfix patch to fix the double spaced editor issue. The patch is scheduled for availability next week. Thanks for the patience as we get the issue resolved and deliver a new build. We'll be in touch as soon as the patch is available.

Hi all,
The Editor double space issue has been fixed with the latest SQL Nav 8.0 patch release. The installer can be downloaded from our portal page:

Hello Gita,
Would also like to give a positive feedback:
The bug with the double breaks (CR|LF) is now fixed in the patched version.

Yes, everything is fine now, thank you very much.

Hi Gita,
We found two bugs and I would like to report them somewhere/somehow. However, this is unlikely the best place to do it.
Can you please provide an email address where I can send my infos to?
Thank you in advance!

Hi Andre,
The best place would be with our Support team since they work directly with the development team, you can open a Support ticket here: