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Can't clear sheet name in grid export to Excel file


Hey all,

In .67, I’m exporting grids to Excel. Several exports ago, I had renamed the sheet and now every export has that sheet name regardless of what I do in the export options. I’m guessing this might possibly be related to



When I go to SB-Tables-Data and rt-click -> Export, then set a sheet name, I see that sheet name is being remembered, even if I go to a different table. Is that what you mean? When I change it, I see whatever I changed it to end up in excel though.


Hey John,

Ahhh, I think I found it: If I export a grid to an Excel file, the sheet name is permanently set to “My Awesome Sheet”. I can change it to “Some Other Sheet”, but the file is still saved with “My Awesome Sheet”, even if it’s not that awesome. If I go back into export to Excel file, the sheet name has been reset to “My Awesome Sheet”. Rinse. Repeat.

However, I see that export to Excel instance is also set to “My Awesome Sheet”. If I change the sheet name there, it both works and sticks, changing the value for Excel file exports as well.



The names of the actual spreadsheets have been changed to protect the innocent, and me, too.


Oh, yeah, I see that too.