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Cant hide Summarized Calculated Columns in Pivot

See picture below:

1- In Brio I have a pivot that contains one calculated field. This calculation is the division of two fields in the query. In Brio these two columns have been added to the pivot but I have an option to hide them. There is no need to see these two columns when I only want to see the calculated Utilization.

  1. In Toad 5.3 I can make the calculation with the formula shown. This is to work around an error that is fixed in Toad 5.6. But I had to add the two other columns. I cannot hide them.

  2. The only thing I can do is remove the columns instead of hiding them. But this breaks the calculation and I get an error. This does not occur if I have a calc that is just adding column values together. I believe this is because I have to use the "Use Summary values" Option. The columns need to be summarized before the calc is applied.


P.S. It looks like the "Use Summary Values" Option is missing in Toad 5.6. Where did it go?
P.P.S. In the Brio workbook I am converting, I have 12 pivots with 30+ similar calculated field issues. So it gets pretty hard to read the calculated columns.

No way to hide columns in the pivot grid that I know of, although I could see a limited use case for it.

However, if your MTD fields are already summarized/agg'd, then you don't need to drag them into your pivot if you don't need to see those values... just define your calculation (division expression) but make sure you use the Default Calculation Mode, since your MTD fields are already summed.

As your screen snap shows, there is still the "Use Summary Values" calc mode present.

I suppose I could do that but I would have to change a lot of queries. Also, the "Use Summary values" is showing in my screenshot of Toad 5.3 but Toad 5.6 does not have this option. Did they move this option?

Use Summary Values is still there... my screen snap is from my TDP WB 5.6...

It must be Gremlins....I don't have it in Toad 5.6 (32-bit)