case sensitive in TOAD 6.0


I have been using TOAD for DB2 version for a few weeks now. I have liked it for the most part. There is one feature that left in version 5.6 that has been a huge deal breaker for me and I was wondering if there was a way to fix it. I am going to try to explain this the best I can.

When you are in Object Explorer searching for objects in the db, by default TOAD will put case sensitive to true. I am not sure why you would want that to true, but it is. All our objects are in upper case which is fine, but I never have caps lock on so when I search for various things I never find them. In TOAD you can create filter rules and change the case sensitive. After creating the filter rule it seemed to keep the rule applied besides the search string in 5.6 unlike 6.0. I will outlay in a various screen shots. I hope you can follow along.

My Filter Rule:


TOAD 5.6


Now lets change the ‘fr’ to ‘al’ and tab over to see the results. There are all my tables that contains ‘al’ in there.


***TOAD 6.0 ***


Now lets do the same thing in 5.6. Change ‘fr’ to ‘al’ and hit tab.


Now as you can see nothing shows up in 6.0. The reason is its not applying the filter rule I created. The string ‘case (named):’ is populated by TOAD.

Does my issue make sense? Is there way to make the same functionality happen in 6.0?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

I have not been able to see the same behavior you are seeing in your v5.6 release.

I know we have made some filtering changes in the past releases and we have actually introduced a new Tools - Options - Explorer - General that controls the case sensitivity in our v6.1 as shown below:

Our Toad DB2 v6.1 is now in beta so it would be great if you could check that out and let us know if the filtering in that latest release works to your satisfaction.

You can download the beta at:

Also to help us identify exactly what version of 5.6 you are running, when in your v5.6 Toad DB2 can you go to Help - About to view the exact version and build number of your v5.6 Toad DB2 and let us know that that is?

For example v5.6.1.2957


Also let us know if you are using named\saved filters or just using temporary filters, without naming and saving those.



Awesome! thanks Jeff. Looks like Beta will fix this issue and my null reference issue. I will work with my IT department to try to get v6.1. I am really happy to see that new option in the settings for case sensitivity!

I am running version