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Change Caret Size in Editor v13

v13.1.0.78. The caret size is just too small, the setting in Editor/Font and Styling,Global tab, Caret only allow color selection. Can I increase the size of the cursor?

Status bar shows cursor position, but that does not help in locating it. I had to use arrow key or start typing to see where it currently is.

This is not currently possible, more accurately not surfaced. The edit control does support changing the caret width, but there is no ability in Toad to change it. This issue has come through support and we have it logged in our tracking system to add an option for it.

Thanks, yes pls add this to your request logs.

Is edit control a separate tool installed separately from toad?

The edit control is built into the product and is not a separately installed tool. In the meantime, one thing you could do is to change the caret's color as you mentioned to a more contrasting color and then slightly increase the default font size. The combination of the two may help make the caret a bit more visible.

Thanks, how do you access edit controls?

I've tried the caret color & default size, it made the rest of text in editor pane look huge, so not quite ideal... if the caret alone can be wider would be good.

As Michael mentioned, there's currently no way to increase the caret's size. All you can do is change the caret's color and perhaps increase the size of the default editor font to help the caret look more pronounced. However, you mentioned that doing so would make the rest of the text in the editor look large, so it wasn't an ideal solution for you. As a result, changing the caret's color is probably the only thing you can do to help improve its visibility until this option can be added to Toad.

Yes I've been struggling with this for a long time. Hope it gets updated in the future.
Can you tell me how to you get to "edit control"?

Sorry, I just meant the area of the screen where you write your code and see the caret, etc. We use a third party control for that which does support enlarging the caret. Toad just needs an option in its own Options dialog to configure it. It will get updated in the future, probably sooner than later since this is a customer request. It's come up during a few meetings we've have to triage our backlog and the priority is customer reported issues. I do not have an ETA though.

No prob I think I got it now. This 3rd party tool is not available for my toad (v13.1.0.78), I guess this is what you meant by "no ability in Toad to change it", as its planned for later, hopefully soon.

It is in your Toad. It's the portion of the Editor where you write your code. That is the third party "control," it is not a third party tool... it is a control. Controls have various properties, e.g. a checkbox can be checked or unchecked or a text edit box may be read-only and not accept your input. By no ability to change it I mean you cannot change it in Toad because Toad does not surface a means of doing so. In Toad Options (off of the "View" menu) we surface numerous configurations that you can modify. There is no configuration in there to modify the size of the caret at this time.