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How to change font size in Toad


how can i change the font size for various stuff in Toad?

eg: Data Grid, Navigator, Fonts in dialogs like View / Toad Options...

in the SQL Editor i was able to change the font size so that the text is readable, and even when i increase the font size on Windows by e.g. 50%, in Toad no font size increases (like most other Windows applications do...)

Morning Joysn71,

if you got to view->toad options in the main menu and type font into the search box near the bottom, when you press the search button, all the places where the various fonts can be changed will be listed in a grid at the bottom of the dialogue. Double click on each one to be taken directly to that place in the various options.

In Toad 12.??? I see the following:

Editor - Display

Editor - Printing

Network Utilities (twice)

Oracle - General

Query Builder

Scripts (twice)

Not listed, but also font related are the following:


On the right side, you can click the buttons for Connection and Window bars to change the fonts used there.

So far so good. To change the fonts in the data grids, you need to go manually to the toad options, then select Data Grids->Visual on the left side. On the right side there’s a visual representation of what the grid looks like, in the currently chosen style. Legacy is the default.

You might find a decent style in the list, if so, choose it. If not, pick the one you like best, then click the edit styles button.

On the next dialogue, select the style you liked best, on the left, and click the edit button - you could clone it first in case you make a mess of things!

On the following dialogue you will see a list of everything about the style on the left, and the option - where applicable - to change the font for each and almost every option. Go for it!

The options you will need for the grid data are:



OK and/or Apply your way out when done.


I think I’ll pop over to the ideas pond and request a new section in the settings arena, dedicated to changing all the fonts from a single location. However, I would think that Toad should have a base font upon which all others are based, and when the Windows default font is changed, Toad should pick it up too.


Norm. [TeamT]

Sorry, in version, not version 12.??? :slight_smile:

Vote for it here:…/make_changing_fonts_easier_and_respect_the_windows_default_font_settings_too