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Change current line color


Is there any way to change the color that is used for highlighting the line the cursor is on in the code editor window? Each time you click in the code editor, it moves the cursor to that line (obviously), and highlights it a color that looks a rather pale yellow/tan on my laptop screen. Unfortunately, this does not stand out very well on my screen. This may very well be buried in the preferences somewhere, but I haven’tbeen able to locate what preference controls it if any. Thanks!


I don’t think there is a way.
The only option I could find: View -> Preferences: Code Editor -> General -> Highlight Current Line.


Thanks RadarA. I saw that and I played with the syntax highlighting, but I couldn’t find a way to change the current line highlighting. I was hoping I was just missing it.


Hi Mark,

Dominique is right, there is currently no way to change the color except completely turning it off. Do you want to submit an enhancement request?



I certainly would not consider it a critical enhancement, but it would be a “nice to have” and should be relatively simple to implement (easy for me to say out here!). Yes, I’d like to submit it as a ER if I may.


Did this ever make it in as an ER?


Hi MarkM,

Sorry, this is still on the list to do for us in the future release.



That’s perfectly fine as it is at best a minor enhancement. I just was wondering if a ER had been created. I’ll assume it has been since you mentioned it was on the list for a possible future release. Good enough for me. Thanks!