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Changing data source on .tim file

When our IT department upgraded my Toad to 5.1 the connections and settings from the previous version were lost. We setup the connections again, but it appears that the names of the connections weren't exactly as they were before. This means that when I open any .tsm file I have to select the new connection to be used and be sure to save that change or it will be an issue every time the file is opened later. Not too big of an irritant, but now I'm trying to open a Toad Automation file and I don't see how to change the connection to be used on the Toad Import Templates (.tim files). I get an error that it couldn't parse the connection, but it doesn't give me an opportunity to select from my current connections.

Hello, Quest? . . . . .

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If I try to edit the import template, this message appears. "DSHULL_HYP" is my user login to the database.


at first sorry for the delay.

So you are saying you have exactly the same connection but the name is just a little bit different? So aren't you able to rename/clone your connection to correct name?

Also I don't see this exact dialog when I follow your steps. I have TDP 5.0.7 and created my Import template -> automation task and save it with not existing connection. Then I open TDP 5.1.(2) and open this file. I see error dialog with warning that connection doesn't exist when I have "Use Automation Connection" checked.

When I unchecked this option it will use my existing connection from toad or when I did rename/clone I was able to open template without issue.

So can you give me little bit more information?

Also, did you check your AppData directory? When you did uninstall sometimes you can find information from the previous version of Toad.
C:\Users<YOUR_USER>\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad Data Point 5.0

Yes, same target database and same credentials. Even if the name of the connection is the same, somehow it seems to think it is different.

Here is my new version...

Then I open a .tsm that was created from the previous version. A dialog window appears, notice how it creates a new connection, but it is already the same name. At least I am able to simply select the new connection (of the same name), run the query, save the file, and Toad won't ask me again. This is good.

When I try to open a .tim file from the past version, I get this

Click OK, then after a few seconds, this appears...

Click OK, then nothing else happens.

Still not sure why you see this error when you say connection is the same but maybe I found one workaround.

This TRL we are using for identification of your connection. As you correctly identify the first part is your user and the second part is your TNS_NAME or HOST_NAME.

You can create some sample .tim file from your new working connection. Then you can edit this file in some text editor. You can see it is XML structure. You have to find attribute Trl. Copy this trl identificator and replace it with Trl in your .tim file which you are not able to open (change it in some Text Editor).

Let me know if it work for you.




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