Need more information to connect window

I am a rockie with Toad for Data Analysis.

A co-worker started a query and emailed the tsm file to complete.

When I open the file on my PC, I get a Need more information to connect window
containing my co-workers connection information and must overkey everything to get
the query to open.

How can I remove my co-workers connection informatin from this tsm file??

Are you trying to open the file before or after you connect to your database?

I have Toad set to automatically connect at startup.

After it starts up, I go to file, open file and select the .tsm file that I want.
I am immediately presented with the need more infomation window.

The Query Builder file saves the connection information(except password). If it can not resolve this connection information when opening the file, it will bring up the “need more info window”. Is the start up connection the same as the one you saved the file with? If the connection definition is no longer valid, I believe you can cancel the window and it will default to using the current connection.


If I hit cancel the .tsm file closes.

The saved connection information has my co-workers logon id. Is there no way to remove the connection info or change it to my connection info and save it?

Is there not a way for different people to share .tsm files without having to go through this?

tks for your reply.

I can not reproduce the same issue.

If I have a connection alias but different logid, mine resolves to the one I have connected.

If I do not have a connection alias that matches, it brings up the connection window and let’s me choose a completely different connection.

What version are you using?

And can you send a screen shot of what your connection and “need for info box” looks like?


We’ve been having the same problems at our site. If memory serves me right, sharing .tsm files was actually easier in the 1.x series of TDA – you could override the connection by double-clicking on the connection you wanted to use.

In 2.0 and newer, the user either has to type over the username/password of the user who created the .tsm file, or they have to use the other user’s password and cannot overwrite the username.

I contacted Quest a few weeks ago and this is the response I got:

“This could definitely work better. We save the connection information in the TSM file but it does not let the user opening the TSM easily select different connection information. This is considered a bug and will be resolved in the next release this summer.”

I just did some tests in beta and I still can’t share .tsm files between different users who have different usernames on the same database.