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Changing excel macro file to excel workbook

I am using toad data point 3.2 and using the automation feature, I used the export data function to execute a query and then output the file output to a macro enabled excel workbook. The output of the automation gives me an excel macro enabled workbook.

I would like to convert the file from an excel macro enabled workbook to a plain excel workbook. Can this be done in the automation steps? How?


Are you running a macro in that .xlsm output file? If so add a save as step to your macro to create the .xlsx file. If not then output the data to a standard xlsx to start with. I like to output my data to a standard file with a name where only the date part of the file name changes and it is always todays date. Then I use a run program step to launch Excel and open a xlsm file that only contains macro’s. the Auto_Open() macro then opens todays file creates pivots, summary sheets, etc. and saves the xlsx file, closes it and quits the Excel appilcation.returning control to Toad to finish whatever steps are left (like send email with a hyperlink to the new file).