Automating Complex Excel Reports

Dec 6, 2010 5:17:00 PM by Debbie Peabody

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This is a front page article in Toad’s version “Featured Content” but it is poorly out of date. I am unable to save the export file as an ‘.xlms’ file. Is there an updated blog for the newer versions of Toad? I’m looking to automate an export to excel to refresh a pivot table.
Thank you in advance!

While that blog is old the steps still work. Using macros and *xlsm files are if you want to add customized code before or after the export. You would need to create the xlsm (excel macro enabled file) in Excel before you used it in the export. Is your pivot table created and refreshed in macro code? if so just add macro to clear data page and then export the data to that page. If you do not want to use a macro see this blog