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Clear Data Point Library

Is there a way to clear the library? There was a change from local file storage to Microsoft OneDrive and now all the library history has invalid paths. So I would just like to clear the library and start over. I have been looking but just not seeing anything that jumps out to clear the library.

Or perhaps is there a file stored where the paths can be editied?

You should be able to clear out any/all Library items by highlighting the unwanted entries (or use Ctl-A to highlight all items) and then right-click-> Remove.

A riskier alternative---but possibly faster, depending on the number of Library items you have---is to modify the file from which the Library is derived... that file is called "search.index" and is located in the application data directory of Toad Data Point. See snap below. A convenient pointer to TDP's app data directory is displayed on TDP's Help->About splash panel.