CLOB datatype for DB2


I’m trying to convert a PER SQL Server 2005 to a PER DB2 9.7. The “Text” type in SQLServer is converted in “Clob” in DB2.
I’ve tried to use the Data Types conversion settings, but I cannot change the length of the CLOB, it has no parameter. I would like to generate something like CLOB(1G).

Any idea please?


Hi Hugues,

do the following:

  1. Enable expert mode. In Settings | Options in section General enable checkbox Expert Mode.

  2. Click Settings | Data Type Conversion Settings. New dialog opens. From combo box Source select the MS SQL Server 2005 item. From combo box Destination select DB2 9.7 (LUW) item and click the first icon on toolbar (LOAD) to load current settings.

  3. Find the Text data type in column Source and click the value in column Destination. Then press F2 to open a list of available datatypes. Choose Clob(x). Then click value in column Param1 and press F2. Enter 1 as a value. Value in column Param2 should be set to G. Confirm changes by clicking the OK button.

  4. Try to convert the model. It should work.