Cannot save the data of the columns with CLOB datatype,please help!

I have a small query which gives me a result of about 7500 records.

I do that query in TOAD, and one of the developer needs the result of that query to be saved in excel file.

I did try to save it from the grid to an excel file but it is notsaving because two of the columns in that table are of CLOB datatype.

I was successfull in saving the data without those two columns but the developer strictly wants data of those 2 columns too.

Is there anyway to export the data from the columns with CLOB datatype into an excel or some other type of file?

please help.

Thank You

By default the application does not retrieve this info. You can right click to request a re-execute to retrieve the clob data or change your preference. When clob data is included in the result set it will be exported.

To change the preference, select ‘Read Lob data on initial fetch’ under Database general.


To change the preference, select 'Read Lob data on initial fetch' under Database general.

Thanks for the reply Debbie

But how do i change the preference?

from the toolbar?

am actually pretty new to Core part of Oracle DB, please instruct me.


From the Tools menu use Options. It is at the very bottom. When the Options window opens go to the Database General tab. The preference you want is a checkbox near the top on the left.

I am using Toad for Oracle

i opened toad and:
view–>options–>(then opened a window)
I then clicked “General” under Oracle, and near the top on the left i could see 'Single-Step when spooling SQL to Screen", Do i need to check this?

Or something else?

Please help.


Mnnnn…My answer was for Toad for Data Analysis. I don’t know how Toad for Oracle does it. They probably have a different message board.

Oh…Ok, thank you very much for your help.