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code expert?

I love the idea of code expert. I am trying to use it more often. I have a couple of questions. I work mostly with code expert in the current editor window.

  1. I created my own custom rule set. It appears at the bottom of the list (list in the menu bar). Is there a way to make it come to the top or default?

  2. the code analysis violations window/tab lists all the violations in code line order. Is there a way to change the order or maybe have a hierarchical tree view grouped by severity or rule etc?

  3. the code analysis violations window/tab lists all the violations. could there be a way to mark a rule as ignored or evaluated. The idea here is that I often will take a look at a violation and say, ok that is fine because of some reason. I want to remember which rule violations I have evaluated and ok’ed to ignore etc…


–pat (long time user of toad, way back to the pre-shareware days when all we had was the query window)

1- Options -> Code Analysis -> General -> Code Analysis Rules -> Default Rule Set
2 and 3 are both good ideas but not “quickies” to implement. Could you add them to the idea pond?



Almost forgot that for #2 in the current Beta, if you right click on the Code Analysis Violations, you can change the sorting to be by Rule Number or by Line Number.


Is there a functionality provided in TOAD about how to read a BLOB column?