Code Formatting issues...


  • Toad for Oracle Professional (
  • Windows 7 64 bit
  • Oracle 10g
  • QPE v5.185.11230.41888

I have an SQL block that I am trying to format in a specific way and I am unable to get what I want. I have attached two .sql files. The first file (toad_formatted.sql) shows what I am able to achieve using my current formatter options, the second file (desired_format.sql) shows the output that I want. I have also attached my formatter options.

Is it possible for me to get the desired output? Which formatter setting(s) am I overlooking?


desired_format.sql (782 Bytes)

FmtPlus (1.17 KB)

toad_formatted.sql (632 Bytes)


As a starter, select Operators & Punctuations, then AND-OR, then in Stacking
Arrangement select the 3rd radio.

The layout is about what you wish to see, however it is fairly “compressed”.
You may prefer the layout of the 2nd radio, but in that case the top level ANDs
are not aligned below the WHERE keyword.

I’ll try to get that alignment in place for a next build.



Thanks! That is the option I had selected but I did not like the compressed look. I am glad to see that the alignment will be fixed soon!


Can you tell me when this might be fixed?