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Toad 13.3 Formatter Issue

I have noticed that the code formatter functionality has changed or is not working as it did before.

'1' test1,
'2' test2,
'3' test3,
'4' test4,
'5' test5,
'6' test6,
group by

I typed the above into TOAD as a simple test and you can see that the 'dual' and the group by's are not getting indented.

Nothing under from or group by is indenting any more.

Additionally where it is indenting it appears to be only indenting to 1 characater space and I see no place to change that indention.

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


I am using Toad/Oracle and cannot reproduce the issue. Here's what I get with your DUAL statement using my default (AFAIK, it's default) Toad formatting options:


May need to share some of your Formatting options...

Got same as Gary (default).

That's correct for the default formatting.

However below is the setting I am using and have been using for years.

The default is the Keywords LEFT aligned (option above the one I am using).

This is how it looks using that setting now:


Notice that 'dual' and all of the group by's are not indented at all but the selects are.

This is how I would expect it to look (with 2 character spaces):


Can you provide an update on this?

Should I put in a problem ticket for this?