Collaborative Modelling

Good Day,
My coworker and I are Data Architects building a new system from scratch; thus there is a massive amount of work to be put into the logical and physical data models. We have tried to use Git as version control, but were not able to reliably merge changes if we both pushed changes as you would with code. I am very familiar with git and had no difficulty working with Toad and Git. The only Toad documentation I have found revolves around the Toad and Git interface; is there any guidance for structuring models or projects so multiple architects can work on the same model? The main issue with breaking the model is the fact that this is a single system thus will need relationships between entities on both models.

Thank you for your guidance,


Hello Joshua,
git cannot merge TDM models properly. It is as binary file for git and it is not possible merge is by some line merging mechanism. I propose download remote version merge it by TDM (merge models tool) and after commit your local version.
Second way is select in Options "Save Models and Projects as Formatted XML Files". It save model instead one long line file to more lines and it can allow to merge single changes, but be aware in this way, you can easy damage model.


@joshua.lowary What did you end up doing? I am in the same situation. The only way to do it it seems to be by merging models manually which kind of sucks.
I wonder what other tools can do it. If you have the budget I recommend you Power Designer but you have to be prepared to drop over 10k$US for 2 concurrent licenses - it's expensive. If the project is important it might be worthwhile.