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Color Rows in Index Viewer

I love how there is a tab for Indexes when viewing a table within in TOAD for db2.

I have a suggestion which might make it easier to tell the differences between indexes.

currently you color every other row white and then blue as seen here:

As you can see I have 2 different indexes. It is hard to tell quickly which columns are in which index.  In this example there is only 2 indexes with 3 columns total not bad, but some tables i look at have 8 indexes with like 2 dozen columns total.  

What if you did something like this:

Thanks for keeping building such a great product!

I am using Toad for DB2 Beta (64 bit).

That might be difficult to do as all grids - including the grid on the Indexes tab uses the setting to format the grids from Tools - Options - Environment - Interface - Grid Style. So depending on that setting every-other grid row will be shaded differently.  We will have to investigate this a bit before committing to this. But thanks for the input!

I was thinking that after I submitted the suggestion. It might not be as easy I would think.  I will check out the grid styles to see if that helps. Thanks again!