Beta Posted (17.0.172)

Beta Release 17.0.172 is now available.


Change Log


Since updating, my Editor data grid is a eye-bleeding alternating purple and red. I've tried other color schemes from Cobalt as well as no scheme and back again, but the grid remains purple and red. I've gone into Options->Data Grids->Visual->Styles and all looks well there. I tried changing the Header color in the Edit->Simple dialog, the closing/opening the Editor, but still purple and red.

Please help this senseless color abuse. Unless I can also have marching ants... :smiley:


Also, from the Styles editor on the Options->Data Grids->Visual page, I have no sightings of Bigfoot to report.


Hi Rich,

I don't think we changed anything that would have affected this. At least not intentionally.

Can you go here and choose "Your theme - Query Grids"?


I think this is due to the new pinned grids feature.

Does it look ok in SB-Tables-Data?

Yes. And the preview on that looks perfect! But the grid is still red and purple:

And yes, SB looks perfect!

ok, I'm looking. I'll kick out new beta when I fix it so your eyes don't bleed all week.

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WHOOOP! WHOOOP! WHOOOP! I found the problem. I'll kick out a beta tomorrow.

1 Like and my retinas thank you, John!


You're welcome. If you have any more sightings of bugs, or anything else, please let me know.

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