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Column names duplicated????

In Toad for Data Analysts, one of my tables is showing each data field twice - once in lowercase (which is correct) and then again in Uppercase. The same table does not show the duplicate, capitalized columns in Toad for SQL, SQL Server Mgmt Studio, or anywhere else. Only in Toad for DA. I just updated to the newest (free) version but am still having the same problem. I am attaching screen shots of what I am seeing in Toad for DA (T_DA.jpg) vs what I am seeing in Toad for SQL Server (T_SS.jpg). Toad for SS shows the columns correctly.

Far as I can tell the problem is only with this table - the others show fine, but I haven't gone through and checked every individual table in my database.

Hope somebody can help me with this. It's been driving me nuts.


I can’t seem to reproduce this. What version of TDA are you using. Are you using Freeware or Base edition? What type of database are you connected to?


P.S. Is there anything different about the database? IE: Case sensitive, different collation, etc.