Column picklist in Editor window in Toad 17.0

Hi all, i have upgraded from TOAD for Oracle 13 to Toad for Oracle 17, and i'm missing the column picklist in the editor window when typing the period after a tablename.
In Toad 13 there was the option "Enable Code Insight pick list" under the Optionspage "Editor - Code Assist".
In TOAD 17 the "Code Assist" options page have been totally redisigned. Especially the mentioned option above does not exist any more. And no other option there looks to take the function of the old one.
I just looked around on the web, but i am unable to find a solution.
Can somebody explain how i do get the autocompletion working again?
Thanks in advance

On the Editor | Code Assist page in options the option is now named "Auto invoke." It is checked by default.

If that is checked can you share a sample SQL where it does not work?

Also, is this the only SQL statement in your Editor tab or do you have other statements upstream that are not terminated with a semicolon?

Hi, this solved my problem. Shame on me. Just hadn't tried this one :frowning:
Thank yo so much!

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