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Column select not selected for long - how to select columns?


I am using Toad for Oracle Base

I wish to display only certain columns from table xyz. I display table xzy, click on the column select button in the upper left area, un-select all, all become un-selected. I choose only the columns I wish to see, and then click outside the column select area.

The table is re-displayed, and only the columns I wish to view are displayed.

I then wish to sort on column abc, and click on that column, select ascending or descending, and the table is redisplayed, sorted on that column, with ALL columns displayed.

It seems there is NO means to “permanently save” the selection of columns one wishes to see.

Just blink, and it all changes.

Is there a way to truly select ONLY certain columns for display ?


do not understand fully what you ean, but sql select part is just a place to define visible number of columns.


If I have a table with 50 columns, and I only want to display 10 of them, that is possible. If I then sort on one of those 10 columns, ALL 50 columns are shown.