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show/hide columns selection doesn't persist

When in schema browser, I select only a few columns to display in the grid, but when I change the filter or navigate to another table and come back, all of the columns are displayed again.

Toad version is

How do I get my column selections to persist?

Main menu -> View -> Options -> Schema Browser -> Data Tab -> (RHS) -> Save Layouts.

Check it. and column selections, order, & widths will persist.

Hi, I’m using Toad for Oracle I’m running into the same issue. The ‘Data tab - Save Layouts’ works sometimes, not always.

If I recall correctly, in older versions, there were certain actions that should have made the grid save its state but didn’t. If you just toggle a column visibility or moving it to a different position and it doesn’t persist, try also manually resizing a column slightly, and I think that will do it. Or upgrade to the newest version of Toad. This has been fixed.

Thanks John, your suggestion worked! I simply resized one of the columns and the settings were saved.