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Combine 2 scripts and save results in one excel file, one sheet tab only

Is it possible to combine 2 scripts by a data that is common to the 2 files?; later send the results to excel; one file; one sheet tab.

Sample: first file has a Prj#, customer, etc. The second file has the Project#, Balance,etc From the results from the second file , I get the balance, add this balance to the resuls of the first file. One Ihave the new results, send them to excel.

Thanks in advance for your help. I am running TD Point verion 3.2.

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If you have TDP Pro, I would store the results in local storage from each file then join then using SQL.

If you don’t have Pro you can use access or you can also connect to each excel file and joing using SQL.


Thanks Debbie for your replied.
I tried to open in 2 computers your blog about local storage but I have not been successful. Will be possible to get a pdf file.

I created the automated task but it seems the data in the query stored in local storage is not getting refreshed. What do I need to do to refreshed the results.

Thanks in advance for your support.

I don’t have a transcript of the videos. I do plan to do this in the near future.

QuickTime and Shockwave must be installed for videos to play correctly. Also, I advise using IE as they do not play in Chrome. I don’t know about other browsers.

On refreshing, let’s start with a manual refresh. First of all, you are using TDP 3.2, correct? And the object is a snapshot? not a table, right? Right click on the snapshot and press Operations|Refresh Snapshot (not refresh items). This is a manual refresh. Confirm that works first.

Then go to automation. choose the “Refresh Snapshot” activity. Fill out the database and snapshot name. Run script. It should have the same result as the manual refresh.


I love TDA. Thanks Debbie. It worked.
Hope the videos can be created in a more compatible form. I tried installing the 2 softwares for the vides but due to security issues, I could not complete the installation.