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Consolidating Multiple script in Toad DP into One sheet in excel output

I have tried several ways to consolidate multiple script in Toad Data Point which would then Export it to a Single Sheet in Excel. So the Result would be combined into one sheet when exported to Excel. I could only find Multiple queries to Multiple Sheets in Excel in the user guide but cannot find multiple queries to one Excel sheet.

Kindly advice

Hi Yemisi,
are you looking for a way how to connect several result sets into one Excel sheet? I don't think we can do it.
Can you make a combined query in Editor or Query Builder?

Hi Dan,

  1. is there an easy way to combine multiple script into one script in toad data point? I have the scripts already written.
  2. after running the script which has been combined into one script, is there a way in Toad data point export as a single sheet excel file?

Thank you

I've just separated two simple selects with a ; and then selected the All results, exported using the Wizard and it was all on one spreadsheet.
It might depend on your script though.

This is great news Dan, but my question 1. instead of copying and pasting like up to 50 scripts and adding ; at the end of each, is there a way to avoid this lengthy process using toad data point.? or do i have to do this myself first?

If you mean something like selecting several SQL files and click "Combine" then I don't know of any such feature.

Yes, lol
That is fine. I have tried the option you suggest and it worked, but the only thing is now the headers, the result shows headers for each of the script in the result set.
please advice.
thank you

It appears if you combine the selects in the way I told you it is not possible using this checkbox:
If you built your query in Query Builder it would be possible. I'll find out if that's a bug. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Hi, so removing headers is not possible. You could do that with UNION operators or if you rebuilt your queries in Query Builder.

Thanks Dan, I will give it a try later. I would have been a very complete package if the headers option worked. I hope this would be considered implementing in the next versions. Thank you for your help. I would get back with feedback if I manage to sort it out.