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Command Line Logon Screen

I want to use a batch-script to open toad and connect to a database.
But after toad starts it follows a logon screen – I don’t need it, because the logon information comes from the script.
Another Question is the count of toad instancces. If I start the script the second time another toad.exe opens. I would like to have only one instance.

I am searching a complete list of parameters for command line syntax.
Does anybody know an URL/Link ?

Toad options offers way to not see login screen ….

Yes, I found the option under “StartUp” - thanks.

Do you know to use only one instance of Toad ? (no hook under “Allow multiple copies of toad to be loaded” - but it does not work)

Are you using the Automation Designer? Or are you trying to use the

I am also interested in knowing how to invoke and kill Toad using RUN (Windows)

When I work from home I remote connect to my desktop and then start Toad.

If some query is running long or say Toad freezes then I want to kill it using
Ctl+Alt+Del windows utility.

But this shows the processes running on my home laptop (not on remote work
desktop) !!!

In such situation, I am stuck and wish I could kill this Toat Session from the
command prompt.



Don’t kill your Toad, kill your Oracle session.

Login to the database, find your Toad session in the Session Browser, and
kill/disconnect it.

Of course your friendly DBA (or Mordach) has to give you a license to kill. If
you see the big red X greyed out in session browser then you don’t have
that right.

Also sometimes it is necessary to kill the Oracle session because killing Toad
or killing SQL*Plus may not stop certain Oracle processes.

You should always be able to kill yourself…but that’s a different
story I suppose.

If you are running the Windows REMOTE DESKTOP then Ctrl-Alt-End is the
equivalent of Ctrl-Alt-Del. I use that regularly because once I am finished
doing what I need to do I want to reset my computer. I don’t leave it
running al the time. So Ctrl-Alt-End brings up the dialogue where I can chose

There are other key combinations but I have forgotten or never learned them.

Actually Oracle issues an error message when you try to kill your current
session – it prevents suicide J

No I can’t. I can kill others but the minute I click on my Toad session
the X gets greyed out. If I start another toad session then I can see my evil
twin session but I can kill the Oracle process if I find the session in the
INACTIVE sessions and choose the appropriate SID. But the Toad session is not
killed and when I click back on the old session it resurrects itself and is
there. So NO, you can’t kill yourself.


I meant you should be able to kill sessions that belong to you, not actually
kill the active session via same active session

And by should, I mean that’s would be a reasonable request for just about
any development env I can imagine…unless of course it’s the type
where your app uses only one session any/all work, but you get the idea I hope

Well … the problem is somehow my whole window freezes.

I do not get an opportunity to login to database and find out the Oracle

At this point of time I look for Ctl+Alt+Del assuming I can kill that Toad

This defenitely does not work.

So what are my alternatives ?

  1. Wait till that Toad+Oracle activity is complete.

  2. Hope that you can invoke RUN command and then Kill the TOAD process.

Is Option 2 doable in my scenario ?

Erwin … I tried to login to my Desktop from my friends terminal ( via Remote
Desktop utility ) and use Ctl+Alt+End but it did not do anything.

I have Windows XP on my office m/c.

But thanks for this info.

I will try it from my home and see if it works.

look for pskill.exe on, a microsoft site. it has lots more
free system utilities that are not available in standard installation.

for example…


pslist v1.28 - Sysinternals PsList
Copyright ⌐ 2000-2004 Mark Russinovich

Process information for :


PsKill v1.13 - Terminates processes on local or remote systems
Copyright © 1999-2009 Mark Russinovich
Sysinternals -

Usage: pskill [-t] [\computer [-u username [-p password]]]
-t Kill the process and its descendants.
-u Specifies optional user name for login to
remote computer.
-p Specifies optional password for user name. If you omit this
you will be prompted to enter a hidden password.


Here is a screenshot of the HELP from REMOTE-DESKTOP

Here is a screenshot of the HELP from REMOTE-DESKTOP

If you’re remote desktop-ing into your windows session with Toad running,
why aren’t you just hitting the “Cancel” button in Toad to
terminate your transaction?

I am using a command-line.

Like this: TOAD.exe -c -max aaa/xxx@yyyy

I am sure there a more parameter as the TOAD Help describes. btw. I am using Version 9.1.*


Could u tell me what option to use to prevent the prompts?

Thanks i advance