Compare catalog and ddl file?

Suppose I have a file of ddl and I want to compare it against the catalog in order to apply any differences. I know you can do schema-to-schema comparisons, but what about comparing against flat files? I am a newbie to LUW (I come from DB2 for z/OS and we did that all the time for ddl changes). Just hoping it’s possible in Toad.

Thanks for any help,

Sally Mir


Unfortunately Toad for DB2 does not currently have that facility although it is
a request that we have heard before. Currently you can only compare sets of real
objects and not a set of database objects to a DDL file. I will open an
enhancement CR to reopen discussion on this type of functionality.

— On Fri, 10/22/10, smir_640 wrote:

Thanks for the info. It would be a fantastic enhancement to have. I usually just receive a file of ddl from our data modeler that contains table drop/create statements and it would be so handy if I could just generate the necessary alters instead of having to drop and recreate everything all the time.

Thanks for the quick response!