Comparing DDL

How do I compare DDL between to environments? I don’t want to change it. I just want to compare it. Everytime I do a compare it acts like it is going to change it. Is there anyway to get a report of the differences?

I’m not sure which feature you are currently using, but you could either use Schema Compare (Tool->Compare->Schema Compare), which will allow you to specify two different connections, however this will compare all objects under two schemas, or you could use Object Compare which is invoked thru a right-click of an object in the database browser and then selecting a second connection. This will create a report which shows the object differences. You could also use the Diff View (Tools->Compare->Text Diff Viewer), or right click an object in the browser and select ‘Send To->Diff Viewer as Script’. However, in order to get the DDL from the other environment you will need to save the DDL to a file, and then open that file in the second pane of the diff viewer.

When you say “it act likes it is going to change it”, which feature are you referring to?