Compare objects auto select

When comparing objects object name is not automatically selected.

After clicking object type combo, the object name is is selected

I made a change a few betas ago so this happens when you select the target connection or schema.

I downloaded the latest beta and now Object type is automatically selected, but I still have to click that dropdown to get the Object name selected.
If I click Object name without clicking Object type it does not seem like the names list has been properly loaded.

Here is what happens when I do it. Steps are:

  1. select everything in LHS
  2. select connection on right
  3. The window looks for a matching object in the login schema on the right, it doesn't find anything.
  4. The window looks for a matching object in the LHS schema on the right. It finds a match.
  5. I decide I want the same object in the SCOTT schema. So I change the schema name on the right. The matching object is found on the right.


Please let me know what I can do differently to reproduce the problem.

Right click on object in Schema browser, I always have the schemas I compare connected when I do this


Ah, ok, I can see some bad behavior when I do this:

  1. have 2 connections...each with different schema names and DB names.
  2. rt-click a table in first connection and choose compare
  3. choose 2nd connection in single object compare
  4. object in login schema of 2nd connection not automatically found.

Thanks. I'll fix.

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