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Compare two different database schemas (Sybase & Postgres) and take report


Hello All,

Thanks in advance.

I have a requirement, to migrate from Sybase to Postgres. I need a tool to verify whether all the DB objects are migrated perfectly.
In my last project, I have used Toad for Oracle 12.6 tool and its DB/Schema comparison option. It will compare 2 oracle DB/schema and also gives the comparison report & synchronization script too.
Can anybody please throw some light on, Is it possible to use the same option to connect to different DBs (Sybase & Postgres) and achieve the same thing?


Ashokram S


May I ask what is your end-goal? Capabilities that compare physical schema with schema on the same database is one thing, but you’ll run into “issues” when trying to compare schemas across different database platforms. For example, there’s different DDL creation syntax and not all datatypes will match or even be compatible.

If the goal is to ensure you have all the entities and that their attributes correspond, then take a look at Toad Data Modeler. That solution can reverse-engineer the physical data model from your source schema/DB, do the same for your target schema/DB, even if they are different platform flavors, and then be able to compare the two models so you can see any differences at an entity level.