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TOAD Compare schema in Toad 11

i have two schemas in same database. One for testing and one for Dev.

can i do a compare of these schema objects in toad for oracle - V 11. i tried but the schema names inside the views are been listed as differences. please help

Just to make sure that I understand you - do you have views like this?

– in one schema:

create or replace view view_name as

select * from schema1.table;

– and in the other schema:

create or replace view view_name as

select * from schema2.table;

If so, unfortunately, there is no way to tell Toad to parse a schema name out of source view code before comparison.

As an aside, if the table’s schema is the same as the view’s schema, you are better off without them because that makes it easier to rename your schema (like when you move it from dev to prod, for example). If the table’s schema is different view the view’s schema, and different from the “other” view’s schema, that seems like a valid difference…

But, here’s something you can do as a workaround…

Create a schema definition file for the source schema. The result is just an XML file, so you can edit it. So you could do a global search and replace for “schema1.” and replace with “schema2.”, or whatever, then save the file and compare it to your target schema.

yes your understanding of my problem is right. can toad 12 help us in this with multiple schema comparision

The short answer is no, sorry.

The “compare multiple schemas” window uses the same code as the regular schema compare window. The key difference is that in “compare multiple schemas”, Toad can compare all schemas by the same (or similar) name in two different databases, without you having to match up each schema one by one, and run the comparison one by one.