comparing different schemas shows wrong trigger when additional table/view object selected

Hi All,
I think what I’m experiencing may be a bug. Here’s the scenario.
Toad for Oracle
Oracle 11g
I’m trying to compare two schemas (idman and lawson9) between two different databases (LawTest and Lawprod). I have about 13 examples like the one I’m going to show, but just going to show this one because it’s short and sweet.
Both schemas reside in both databases, so there is an idman in lawtest and lawprod, just as there is a lawson9 in lawtest and lawprod.
I’m comparing the triggers and the trigger example I’m going to use is HRSUPER_AI.
There is a idman.HRSUPER_AI and a lawson9.HRSUPER_AI in both databases.
The lawson9. HRSUPER_AI is disabled on both databases.
Also, each version of the trigger on each database matches its counterpart on the other database, for example: lawtest.idman.HRSUPER_AI matches lawprod.idman.HRSUPER_AI as well as lawstest.lawson9.HRSUPER_AI is equal to lawprod.lawson9.HRSUPER_AI. Therefore when you compare the two schemas from the two databases you should get zero differences because the trigger in each database.schema matches.

In fact, if I run the multiple schemas compare with only the “Trigger” options >> Object Types to Compare is selected, I do indeed get zero differences.
However, the problem occurs when I select “Tables” or “Views” in addition to the “Triggers” Object Types to Compare.
either of these combinations will count as differences to these triggers and when I double click the results line that references the difference I get a comparison that looks like this:

And sometimes I even get a difference that’s highlighted but that difference would be the schema name in the trigger’s name line.

Has anyone else run into this issue or is this a bug? Am I missing something as far as parameters to turn on/off that prevents this kind of comparison?

Thanks for any assistance.