Comparing schemas: list indexes with table creation scripts

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Comparing two schemas listing the indexes at the end of the sync script. Have searched through options, etc and cannot find a way to list the indexes with the table builds on the sync script. It can be done on gathering scripts of build tables, but not seeing it here with comparing two schemas.

Where is the switch to have the indexes listed with the table builds in the sync script?

Thank you..

The order of items in the sync script is not configurable. It is work just to get things in an order that will not produce SQL errors.

Are you having an error due to order on sync, or would you just prefer to have them together? If the former, I'd like to fix, but it may already be fixed in 13.2 beta as I did some work in that area a month or so ago.

Thank you John.

No errors, just developers wanting everything for one table stacked together.

Appreciate your time. It is not too terribly difficult to shuffle them around on the sync script, just thought if the option was there...….

Have a look at beta, I think you'll find in most cases Indexes come right after their tables. If you find some exceptions, let me know and I'll take a look at it.

Leave 13.1 installed when you install the beta, so both are installed. Get the same bit-version too so you can use the same Oracle client that you already have.