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Compiled with error, but no error

See the attached screenshot, but Toad is reporting "[Error] Compilation (1: 1): Compiled with errors" when in fact there are no compilation errors (in the status window, this can also be seen, with the text message "Procedure ... compiled with 0 errors and 0 warnings". Additionally, if this package is compiled with Sql*Plus, there are no errors (with Show Errors) either.

The problem is related to a schema that has CREATE ANY PROCEDURE privilege and compiling into a different schema (schema also has DEBUG ANY PROCEDURE as well as DEBUG CONNECT SESSION grants as well). The procedure is really getting compiled and there really are not any errors, but the Error message is annoying/misleading. The exact same procedure can be compiled under the the schema that contains the procedure without any errors/warnings.

Additionally, I had the same problem in Toad for Oracle 11 as well as 12.1. Is there any way to fix this so this error is not reported or is this a bug in Toad?


Just curious… how do you compile your function:

alter function xxx compile;


alter function compile;

And next, what do you see when you run command From owners schema and non owners schema):

desc xxx;



Hello, to be honest, I was just using the Compile button in Toad. But my schema name was included on the script. As I originally, stated, this works fine in the owner’s schema. But actually, using the statements above were useful, as they returned the ORA-01031 error, instead of the generic “compiled with errors” from Toad. I used this to investigate further and finally discovered that I also need ALTER ANY PROCEDURE privilege (which makes sense since the procedure was originally created under the owner’s schema).

So mine suggestion seems to be correct answer?

If so, please flag at least this as answered question.


Answering on your own questions is quite strange, don’t you think so?