Debugging in TOAD 16.3


In prior exchanges, you were kind enough to explain and show how to debug my package through TOAD. I was using the Beta version but am now using the latest release.

I am accessing an Oracle 19c instance using an Oracle 19c client. The schema is being created with the "GRANT DEBUG CONNECT SESSION TO XXXX' privilege yet when I click on the bug icon I get ORA-0131 errors, twice. The "Set Parameters and Execute" dialog does come up and when I select the subprogram to execute, it does seem to execute correctly (still checking) but I am concerned regarding the ORA-01031 errors.

I apologize if it is something trivial that I am forgetting to do but can you provide some insight into what I am doing wrong. It had been working fine for a while (until I transitioned).

Thank you.

Hi Charly,

You said "The schema is being created with...".

Did you mean the schema that the package is in, or the user that you are logging in as? If these are different, the user that you are logging in as should have this privilege.

You'd also need the EXECUTE and DEBUG privileges on the package that you are debugging.

You can check that here:

Or, you can get the EXECUTE ANY PROCEDURE and DEBUG ANY PROCEDURE system privileges instead of grants on individual packages


As usual, much obliged.

Thank you.