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Conditional formatting in excel pivot changed by TDP export wizard


I am using the export wizard activity in automation to export data to a .xlsm file. The file contains two pivot tables which contain conditional formatting in which the "applies to" range of the formatting is associated with a field in the pivot table, rather than a set range of cells (by selecting the "All cells showing "[field name]" values" option in the "Apply Rule To:" section of the conditional formatting editor.

When the export activity runs, the "applies to" range is changed to the specific cells occupied by the collapsed pivot table at that moment (e.g. A12:A30). However, the pivot table, when expanded, is much larger than that. When I expand, only rows 12:30 have the conditional formatting applied, because of the change to a static reference.

Is there a fix for this?


Hi Luke, can you send your Toad pivot file with data so that we could reproduce with your tables?

Hi Daniel,

My file contains sensitive company information that I probably can’t just send out like that. Is it absolutely necessary for you to have the file?

If so, I’ll probably need to open a support ticket instead of trying to resolve via the forums. I’ll be more likely to get permission to send the file that way.

Is this not a known issue?

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!

Luke Templeton

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DaVita Medical Group

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so, can you send us screenshots of your conditional formatting? Do you have the same issue when you export it using Pivot Grid without automation or does it occur only in Automation?