COnnecting to a remote DB2 server using TOAD

I get the following error when I try to connect to a DB2 server from toad installed on my WIndows machine

SQL30061N The database alias or database name "DCS4FAF6 " was not
found at the remote node. SQLSTATE=08004

Any help to solve this would be greatly appreciated

Are you trying to connect to a z/OS database? Are you connecting through a gateway? Have you checked that the DCS catalog entry target database name matches the real location name? Have you tried connecting through the CLP?


Here are the config parameters given to me for establishing the connection and I was told that the remote DB2 resides on an OS/390 box .



















I have been given the access credentials to connect to this DB.

I tried thro windows ODBC andeven thro CLP.

I get the same error everywhere . I was not sure what the “Location Name” means . I am new to DB2 .

Here is what I get in CLP

db2 => list node directory

Node Directory

Number of entries in the directory = 1

Node 1 entry:

Node name = TCP0001

Comment =

Directory entry type = LOCAL

Protocol = TCPIP

Hostname =

Service name = 5010

db2 => list db directory

System Database Directory

Number of entries in the directory = 1

Database 1 entry:

Database alias = DCS4FAF6

Database name = DCS4FAF6

Node name = TCP0001

Database release level = f.00

Comment =

Directory entry type = Remote

Authentication = SERVER

Catalog database partition number = -1

Alternate server hostname =

Alternate server port number =

db2 => connect to DCS4FAF6 user [username] using [password]

SQL30061N The database alias or database name "DCS4FAF6 " was not

found at the remote node. SQLSTATE=08004

Thanks in advance for your help


I am geting the below error now when I tried changing few parameters

db2 => connect to USIBMVRD user userid using password

SQL30082N Security processing failed with reason “1” (“PASSWORD EXPIRED”).

Then I tried changing it with a new password

db2 => connect to USIBMVRD user userid using old_password new new_password confirm new_password

SQL30083N Attempt to change password for user id “NANDY12” failed with

security reason “1” (“CURRENT PASSWORD INVALID”). SQLSTATE=08001

How do I change / reset my old password?

Thanks in advance

I would suggest that you change your password as you log into TSO ISPF.

I believe we came across other DB2 users that could not establish a new password via the db2 connect command when their DB2 resides on a mainframe (DB2 on z/OS)


Thanks. I got connected to the DB2 on Z/OS now. But now I don’t know how to get the list of schemas in that database.

when I try to query the sysibm.sysschemata table, it says undefined for this database server .

when I try to query data from few table names got from the sysibm.systables, it says " myusername.tablename " is not defined in this database .

How to I get the correct table name ( dbname.schemaname.tablename ) . I am new to this DB2 . Any help is greatly appreciated .

sysschemata is an LUW DB2 catalog table, not z/OS. Also, DB2.z/OS tables are qualified by creator.

If you’re familiar with DB2 LUW this link might help get you started -

IBM also has lots of good overviews of the differences and introductions to the platform.