connection error

running db2 9.7 sp4 on AIX… I am getting an error ERROR [08004] [IBM] SQL30061N The database alias or database name "my db " was not found at the remote node. SQLSTATE=08004.

I perform a db2 list db directory and can see that is catalog… New to Toad… any ideas anyone… and yes I can connect to directly using the db name thry putty…

What version of Toad are you using?

Can you open IBM DB2 CLP associated with the Toad installed DB2COPY

and connect within that CLP? Per the error message, it might be that you have specified an incorrect name when cataloging the remote DB.

What you can do is go to Tools>DB2 Command Window - and run all of your cataloging commands.

The issue most likely is that you have a database catalog for the client and it isn’t shared with TOAD. Right now you can probably connect via normal db2 utilitys, but have no access via TOAD. By opening the command window through TOAD, the databases are then cataloged in the TOAD catalog, and you should now have access.