Conversion from logical to physical, attributes in subtypes get duplicated


Having issue with the conversion from logical to physical (basically each time during convert, attributes in subtypes get duplicated inside the containing table - likewise the table fills up with more and more duplicated check constraints).

The problem is as follows:

  1. Create a logical model with an entity Employee and a subtype InternalEmployee. The inheritance is set up as exclusive. The subtype has one attribute, “Bonus”.

  2. Next use the Convertor to merge the logical model into a physical model. The first time it works fine, we get a table called “Employee” with a column “Bonus”.

  3. The problem is that each time we run the convertor from then on, it creates a new column called “Bonus” in the table. It also creates the check constraint needed to enforce mandatoriness on the Bonus column, even though it already exists in the table.

Have looked all over but can’t work out how to stop this. It seemed like unable to reliably merge the logical model into an existing physical model, when there are subtypes involved.

Will the Sync & Convert Wizard in BETA resolve the problem?

Yew Wee


conversion from logical to physical model depends on settings defined in logical model, especially settings for inheritances.

To avoid possible problems, please convert your updated logical model to a new physical model and then compare the two physical models and add modified or newly added objects to your existing physical model. In other words, don’t try to update physical model directly from logical model, but do a converstion first and then compare two physical models.